5 Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Organic Baby Clothes

With infinite fabrics and styles for babies’ clothes in the market, it can be a little challenging to choose the right clothing for your baby.


When buying clothes for your baby, you need to ensure that your baby will feel safe and comfortable in that outfit. It is not complicated as it sounds. At the end of this article, you will feel the clarity on what clothes you should buy for your little one.


Here are some factors you should pay attention to when buying baby clothing.

1. Fabric

The material used to manufacture the cloth is the most important factor for parents to consider. 


Newborn babies have the most sensitive skin. Natural fibres are the best choice for babies since their skin is prone to irritation and rashes. Therefore, you should ensure that the clothes you buy are made from organic fibres like cotton or silk.


The manufacturers do not use dangerous chemicals in the production of organic fabrics. This means no chemical residue to cause rashes or severe discomfort, which is essential for babies that are vulnerable to allergies.


Only the clothes that are manufactured from organic fibres are good enough for your baby. That is why everyone recommends organic cotton clothes for your baby. 

It is soft on baby skin, and it absorbs moisture, keeping the skin dry and hygienic. This means that organic cotton is excellent for temperature regulation, which makes it a perfect choice for any season.


Another benefit of organic clothes is that they can be machine-washed and dried, while those made of other materials often need to be hand-washed.

2. Safety

Whenever you buy baby clothes, the safety of your baby should be considered as the most critical factor. 


Clothing and accessories can strangle, suffocate or cause other serious injuries to babies. It is our responsibility as parents to try and prevent those from happening.


Every year, millions of babies’ clothes are recalled because some manufacturers ignore the safety standards to make clothes more appealing to a potential buyer’s eye. Hence, it is obvious to buy those clothes for babies that offer safety.


Always avoid buying clothes with loose buttons, bows, laces, hooks, and other decorations. They can be dangerous because these things can cause hazards of choking. Also, avoid clothes with cords, waistbands and drawstrings because these cause hazards of strangulation.


You should buy only clothes that are made of low-risk fire material. Protein-based fabrics such as pure silk and pure wool, are more difficult to catch fire and slower to burn once caught. Flammable materials have ‘Keep away from fire’ on the label written in capital letters and red font.

3. Size

Choosing the size of your baby’s clothes can be troubling. Always ensure that whatever you buy for your baby allows him/her to enjoy moving freely and easily. They should neither be too tight nor too loose to wear.


Experienced parents will always advise you to get clothes that are one size bigger than your child’s actual size. That way, your baby will feel more comfortable, and it also compensates for the growth spurts.


Moreover, some clothes tend to shrink after washing. Getting slightly bigger clothes solves this problem too.


Also, make sure that those baby clothing must be easy to take off and put on. Choose clothes with zippers or snaps over buttons.

4. Cost

When buying baby clothes, the golden rule is to never compromise the quality for the price. Keep in mind that babies have very sensitive skin so choose ones with the best quality and pocket-friendly price.


Price is not always the best indicator of product quality. The most famous or popular brands are not always the best ones for your baby, so you should research others as well. Always give importance to the above factors (material, safety & size) for buying clothes, either online or offline.

Online shopping stores are a great option to buy thoughtfully made and affordable baby clothes. Online shopping sites offer great value for your money and superior quality stuff just as you wanted. 


Online sellers give huge discounts on a particular quantity purchased. Buying in bulk is a money-saving tip parents can try since your baby will need several outfits in every size.

5. Season

This is the last but another equally important factor that plays a crucial role in buying a baby’s comfortable clothing. 


The summer season demands light clothes for the children, while the winter season calls for warm clothes. Make sure to buy something that will fit the current season so the baby is kept comfortable and hygienic.


When you buy baby clothing online, always look for the description of products carefully as they describe the fabric as light, heavy, or moderate.


Because of its unique properties, organic cotton clothing can be used in both summer and winter.

Where To Find Best Organic Cotton Clothes For Your Baby?

Why settle for ordinary organic cotton clothing when you can protect your baby with herbal dyed organic cotton clothing with wellness benefits?


When organic cotton clothes are dyed in herbs, plants, flowers, roots, and bark that contain medicinal properties, the result is soft cotton clothes with wellness benefits.


When babies wear herbal dyed clothes, the fabrics deliver the medicinal effects of herbs infused into the garment through their delicate skin, protecting your baby from rashes and other irritations.


Herbal Baby is India’s first manufacturer of herbal dyed branded clothes for newborns.


They exclusively produce newborn baby clothes that are made up of 100% organic GOTS certified cotton and dyed in natural herbs.


They offer a wide variety of products ranging from organic cotton nappies to smooth and comfy top and bottom set baby dresses.


A herbal baby dress is the best protection you can provide your newborn. 


We hope our tips will be useful for picking out the ideal outfit for your precious babies. You can either buy them from shops or order online. 


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