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About Herbal Baby

Herbal Baby began when I searched to bring back the old process and technology of making baby garments. I wanted everything from yielding cotton to knitting to be natural. So, I researched organic clothes in India and found suppliers, pure herbal dyers, and designers to make organic newborn baby clothes.

We spent time analysing the market of organic clothes in India and what would be best for babies’ comfort. So, we chose easy to wear designs for newborn baby clothes with earthly shades, soothing colours and the rich fragrance of nature. Now, our clothes glide over babies’ delicate skins without any irritation.

Being able to make such good and safe newborn baby clothes makes my heart happy. Because of Herbal Baby, I’m playing a small role in saving the world from poisonous synthetic chemicals by making organic clothes in India.

It’s very important to be aware of the kind of garments you use for your babies. Our Herbal Baby project will help you choose the right fabrics. Now, 95% of the fabrics are made conventionally with organic cotton and herbal dyes. By taking this step, you’ll do your part for the environment while your baby enjoys soft, soothing and rash-free clothing.

is PanchaBhooda Friendly

Earth Friendly

Carefully selected natural fibres causing no harm to mother Earth.

Air Friendly

Releases no toxic substance in air, only the aromatic fragrance.

Space Friendly

When herbal dyed clothes are used while doing yoga and meditation, one can connect them with nature easily.

Water Friendly

All-natural fabrics of Dyed water are used for the cultivation of crops.

Fire Friendly

When burnt, no toxic substances are released. Ashes can be used for plants.