Benefits Of Organic Cotton For Baby Clothing

New parents are often confused when it comes to choosing the right clothing for their babies. It is crucial to choose clothes that are not toxic irritants as babies are prone to be affected by irritation or rashes because of their sensitive skin. 


And the best fabric for babies is nothing other than organic cotton which is highly beneficial for the baby’s skin. Below we have got you covered with why should you choose organic cotton for babies clothes.   

1. Durable

The organic cotton is hand-plucked thus making it soft and durable. Not just that but they are anti-microbial, irritation-free, anti-fungal and non-irritants for your baby’s skincare routine. 

Organic cotton is more durable when compared to regular cotton. The main reason for this is the absence of chemicals that causes damage to the clothing leading to lower quality textiles.  

2. Comfortable to wear

Organic cotton clothes are air permeable thus lets your baby stay cool as a cucumber throughout the day. Since babies’ skin texture is highly sensitive they are bound to get irritation when wearing clothes made of synthetic fabrics. 


Newborn babies produce very less protective oils from their skin during their developmental stage. So chemical and synthesized clothing will affect their fragile and soft skin.


 Meanwhile, organic cotton preserves the natural properties of the cotton fibre. Hence organic cotton which is the only natural fabric that is healthy for babies skincare is the right choice!

3. Eco friendly

The soil used in the organic cotton farming methods is bound to be fertile for a longer period of time when compared to the conventional methods of cotton farming. 


Organic cotton farming methods produce 94% less greenhouse gas emissions and as a resultant prohibits exposure to hazardous chemicals. Organic cotton promotes biodiversity and is beneficial to both human health (Babies health in this case) and the ecosystem.

4. No chemicals used

Organic cotton does not make use of any kind of fertilizers or pesticides and they can’t be genetically modified thus letting it nurture as naturally as possible. 


It doesn’t damage the soil and has a very meagre amount of impact on air. According to the research and statistics, it uses 88% less water and 62% less energy which is very unlikely in the case of nurturing regular cotton.   

5. Protects baby's skin

Newborn babies’ skins are naturally porous, tender and sensitive, particularly in the developmental stage. Therefore it absorbs everything that comes in contact with the babies skin and the harsh chemicals used in the babies clothing are no exception. 


There is no better combination than weightless, breathable organic cotton clothes which are blended with herbal dyeing for newborns.

6. Pivots the clothing industry for babies

The organic clothing which is certified with Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS) goes through a stringent process of evaluation throughout the supply chain of the product. And it is one of the renowned and trusted accreditation across the globe in the organic textile industry. 


As a testament to the above factors, it has brought awareness to the consumers and thereby there’s a steady increase in the organic cotton clothes for babies in the market. The harm caused to the babies and the environment due to conventional cotton is tremendously high. 


Hence many consumers have shifted their focus from conventional cotton manufacturers to eco-friendly clothing manufacturers in recent times. As a result, the organic cotton clothing industry is on the rise and it is here to stay for all the benefits it provides. 


The usage of organic cotton not only conserves the environment but also the baby’s skincare. Thus promoting a sound livelihood for the entire ecosystem in general. 


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