Our Story

As a mother of two, I was putting my child at risk by using chemical-induced clothes. The guilt feeling provoked me to wake up at night and look for an effective solution.

Back in the 20th century, cotton was made from organic farming with natural seeds and pesticides. But now extensive use of GMO cotton / synthetic pesticides makes it vulnerable to humans, particularly children.

I couldn’t find a single clothing brand in India that uses herbal-dyed products. That’s how Herbal Baby was born. The revolutionary movement that’s going to change the textile industry.

Join me in this mission. Let’s save children and mother earth.

Herbal baby

On analyzing the babies' needs and comfort, we made easy to wear designs without many complications. With earthly shades, soothing colours, and the rich fragrance of nature, our clothes glide over your babies' delicate skin without any irritation.

In order to bring back the right process and technology that involves many steps such as organic cotton yielding, weaving/knitting, dyeing, and processing, made some researches and found organic cotton suppliers and pure herbal dyers. We just wanna everything to be natural and acquire all benefits from Mother Nature, made a keen observation of natural dyes and their impact on the body, soul, and mind.

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Say ‘NO’ To Baby Rash

Normal cotton clothes are extremely harmful to your baby’s health and cause severe rashes that keep them crying at night.As a parent, take care of your baby’s sensitive skin and pamper it with herbal dyed organic clothes that are soft, soothing and safe.

Let’s Save Earth Together!

The Harsh Truth: The clothes you use are made from inorganic fabric and dyed with synthetic chemicals. These chemicals cause environmental damage polluting water sources, rivers and reservoirs, etc.

is PanchaBhooda Friendly

Earth Friendly

Carefully selected natural fibres causing no harm to mother Earth.

Air Friendly

Releases no toxic substance in air, only the aromatic fragrance.

Space Friendly

When herbal dyed clothes are used while doing yoga and meditation, one can connect them with nature easily.

Water Friendly

All-natural fabrics of Dyed water are used for the cultivation of crops.

Fire Friendly

When burnt, no toxic substances are released. Ashes can be used for plants.