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About Herbal Baby 

I searched to bring back the right process and technology as making baby garments that have many steps from cotton yielding, weaving, dyeing, and knitting. I want all to be natural, so I researched and found organic cotton suppliers, pure herbal dyers, designers, and garment makers.

On analyzing the babies' needs and comfort, we made an easy to wear designs without many complications. With earthly shades, soothing colors, and rich fragrance of nature, our clothes glide over your babies' delicate skin without any irritation.

In order to bring back the right process and technology that involves many steps such as organic cotton yielding, weaving/knitting, dyeing, and processing, made some researches and found organic cotton suppliers and pure herbal dyers. I just wanna everything to be natural and acquire all benefits from Mother Nature, made a keen observation of natural dyes and their impact on the body, soul, and mind

My heart feels happy as I am giving a good and safe product to the angels coming to earth. And also, I am saving the world from spreading poisonous synthetic chemicals to my mother earth. Today it's very important, to choose which type of fabrics or garments you are going to use for your babies. The herbal baby project will help you decide the right fabrics for your loved ones generally, now 95% of the fabrics are conventionally made with in-organic cotton, dyed with synthetic chemicals so this causes health issues for the users and also for the environment.