Washing Instructions - Herbal Baby Clothes

Herbal Baby, Herbal Textiles Care Instructions:

Herbal Baby products are dyed with natural herbs. There are no chemical dyes involved in our garments dyeing. Hence, special care should be taken in washing our clothes.

We strongly recommend you to use only natural laundry detergents to wash our clothes. Do not dry under direct sunlight.

All our herbal clothing is stitched together to ensure a long-wearing period. Hence, natural dyes may often naturally fade and soften sometimes.

The longer you use our clothes, the often wash in between the repeated uses. This ensures more chances for the skin to observe medicinal properties from the herbs.

Washing Instructions:

  1. Prolonged immersion with chlorinated water can bleach the color. Do not soak in bleaching solutions as the colors may fade.
  2. Prolonged exposure to atmospheric pollutants with oxidizing gases (Ozone, Nitrogen Oxide) will also result in color fading.
  3. We do not recommend using Alkaline hard water, soaps, detergents, cheap bar, or strong powder detergents to wash herbal baby clothes. This action will result in the fading of color shades.
  4. Keep our clothes away from acidic objects (acids) and highly corrosive liquids, as this will cause discoloration.