Benefits of Herbal Dyeing

It is an undeniable fact, that herbal dyes are abundant in nature and a healthier alternative to synthetic dyes. As synthetic dyes use many mordants like chromium, copper, and tin which pose toxic effects to the environment.

Few common benefits of herbal dyed products:

  1. Herbal clothing reduces exposure to allergens and irritants.
  2. It has a lower carbon footprint as the process involves less energy and fuel.
  3. Eco- friendly processing that does not cost worker health, reduces water, electric usage.
  4. People with sensitive skin problems benefit from this herbal dyed cloths.
  5. Children as well adults will have nil pesticide-related health problems.

Environmental Benefits:

  1. Improves soil fertility.
  2. Increased cotton yields.
  3. Avoids soil acidification and soil erosion thus improves soil structure.
  4. Furthermore, it promotes the development of earthworms thus maintains the crop condition.

Nature Benefits:

  1. Herbal dyes are eco friendly, biodegradable, and renewable.
  2. Residual organic matter that comes during dye extraction can be used as manure.
  3. Herbal dyes are by nature are U.V Protector.
  4. Few applications of Herbal dyeing they can be used for bed coverings,
    undergarments, towels, medication clothes. Also, it is also useful in making leather products, coir, mattress.

No Waste Water:

Since there is no chemical process involved in herbal dyeing practice, the wastewater can be used for Agriculture. The Residue left after fabric dyeing can be used as a manure for crops. Even the bleaching of clothes is done naturally exposed to direct sunlight. Since Herbs do not pollute water, the water is reusable, thus protecting our environment. Herbal Dyeing can save almost 1000 liters of water per garment when compared to conventional bleaching and dyeing techniques.